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C-Pap Easy Clean

Axtell, NE


Colleen Rickard credits her grandson, Brock, for the inspiration. Back in 2011, while she and her family were attending the Nebraska State Fair their grandson, Brock, dropped his pacifier on the ground. Colleen remembers that they couldn't give it back to him, because it was too dirty. When she returned home, she couldn't shake the thought of wanting to invent a portable machine that could quickly and easily sterilize a pacifier. That idea eventually led her to a solution for an even greater need. The experiments began at her kitchen table and didn't stop until she had invented and patented a way to clean and sterilize nebulizers, oxygen tubing, and medical devices known as C-paps and Bi-paps, which are used by people with sleep apnea. Today Colleen's C-Pap Easy Clean is made right here in Nebraska.